Monday, December 01, 2008

Pet for Paul’s

Some facts when it comes to pets for the Paul family:
Mala = not a pet person.
Shomeek = LOVES pets (especially dogs).
Evani = scared of every living creature that is not human and sometimes scared of that too.

So when Evani showed the slightest excitement towards a fish tank at a friends place, Shomeek jumped at the opportunity and decided we should get a fish tank. So this Thanksgiving Evani got her fish tank and was SUPER excited with her ‘Fishy’. We got three Guppy’s and three Micky Mouse fish and quite honestly I like to watch Evani’s excitement at them swimming around. My contribution to the whole endeavor was picking out the interiors for the tank. We still need a stand for the tank. As of now it is sitting on our dining table – so that is my excuse for not entertaining this holiday season.

And I'm secretly thankful that Evani is scared of dogs, or else we would have ended up with a puppy instead of the fish.


CGBCYouth said...

I'd rather have a dog...or nothing at all so I don't have to clean anything. It's cute seeing Evani's reaction toward a dog though haha...hopefully her disinterest towards dogs lasts or else...

Mala said...

The deal is that Shomeek will take care of everything related to the fish and their tank. ;)

Courtney said...

OMG...still laughing over this post!

TravelVixen said...

Poooo! I will convert Evani to a dog loving little Indian girl if it's the last thing I do!

MattuSunny said...

haha.. good one Mala ;)
I am with you... my hubby would like a dog as well... i don't want one (i am scared like Evani)... so i'll have to make sure our kids are scared of dogs as well ;)