Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bye Koko...

...was the hardest thing to say this morning. Yes, my 4 months of maternity leave has finally come to an end. I felt terrible leaving Koko this morning and even shed a few tears (okay maybe a little more than just a few!). Shomeek dropped her off at daycare where she slept through most of her stay. After I got back home in the evening, all I could do was hold her close to me and smother her with kisses. She slept through most of that too. For some reason she was extra sleepy today. But all in all I had mixed feelings. After going to work I kind of liked the time away too though I could not stop looking at her pictures all day. But I have to admit that my new company has been really flexible with my needs. They gave me a very warm welcome and helped me ease myself back into the work mode. At CDA I really feel taken care of as an employee compared to my previous job. That's all folks!


The pictures say it all~

Monday, May 28, 2007

Jazzing it up!

Every time of this year we make it a point to visit the jazz festival in old Sactown. We are not the ones to buy tickets and sit through one performance - we are the cheap wanderers - walking around, eating, enjoying the good weather and some of the amazing street performances and ofcourse listening to all the music that flow into the night from the real ticketed performances - so why pay??? ha..ha...
This year was no different except of course we had Koko with us. Yup that's what we are calling Evani now - since she seems to love it. She had a great time absorbing very intently all that was going around. The Baby Bjorn carrier did come in very handy. Our friends Soma, Kiran and their son Ronav also joined us there.

Here is Koko and mommy - all jazzed up!

These guys were amazing. Check out the scrap that they are using as instruments. This band is a regular at the event.

And here are some pictures from the evening...

Monday, May 14, 2007

FUN weekend!

I don't even know where to begin with. Saturday was the big birthday bash for the McNulty quads - Russ, Ally, Molly and Libby. I couldn't begin to tell how much fun they were. It was also Evani's first birthday party - and of course she slept through the entire celebrations - which was good for us mom and dad. Looking at Conor and Gen made me feel so proud - they are just wonderful human beings and I'm so glad to have them as friends. Here is a little video of the quads celebrating their b'day...

My very first mother's day morning started with cuddle time with Evani and a gift certificate for a 60 mins massage. That morning we took Evani to Costco to get her picture taken for her passport. I was sure it would be a disaster, but thankfully she was in a very good mood and after some acrobatics from Shomeek, we were finally able to get a shot of her without Shomeek's hands in the picture. She also let us finish our shopping at Costco unlike the first time when she had screamed murder and I had to retract to one corner of costco to get away from ugly stares. That time we had to abandon our shopping spree and run out of there.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The proud parents...

Weekend fun!

Much to our surprise it was a busy weekend. I've always told myself that I do not want to become one of those moms who won't step out of the house because they have a baby. So even though we have a cranky one - we are taking baby steps to take her around with us - and getting used to dealing with her crying in most inappropriate times and locations. This weekend included trips to Pick up stix in Folsom for take-out chinese, shopping at Mervyn's and sunday lunch at Mehran - her first ever restaurant visit - which was a mini disaster..ha..ha...

We've had a few visitors since last week. Aunty Linh and Meagan came over for cuddles. We also got to spend some time with Soma mashi, Kiran mesho and our dearest Ronav.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My brave little darling

Yesterday was Evani's first shots. I was very nervous about the whole affair and especially since Shomeek was on a business trip and was not able to accompany me. However, it went off pretty well. She definitely cried while being poked with four needles (they have got to find a way of giving four shots at once!) - but after that she gave me no trouble at all. In fact she came home and had a little playtime. That might all be because I had started drugging her with infant tylenol even before we visited the doc's office...but I'd like to beleive she was very brave about the whole thing...ha...ha..