Monday, June 24, 2013

Random Rants of the Aging

So now my eyebrows are turning gray? WTH??? I feel like I woke up one day and turned old. I am not ready yet. But I have to face said fact – after all its not just my hair anymore – its my freakin’ eyebrows as well. I mean, seriously???

So what do you do to your eyebrows when they turn gray? I’m sure there are pins in Pinterest on eyebrow makeovers. Who can guide me to that fountain of youth again? Anyone?

Honestly, I don’t “feel” old. Okay, maybe there was just this one day when I threw my back off somehow and could barely walk all day. How did that happen? Well, I’d like you all to believe I was practicing moves from the Kama Sutra, but I think it was from tying my shoelaces. Let’s just go back to the Kama Sutra version here – shall we?

I’ve never had a problem acknowledging my age and realizing I’m getting older. But the other day when I came across someone celebrating their 26th on FB, I almost cried. I blamed it on my hormones and the time of the month of course. Some of my 40+ friends are rolling their eyes saying, “Gawd, you’re still young!” I would like to remind them again that my eyebrows are graying. As you can tell, this really has me freaked out.

I think it’s stress. I think it’s the damned stressful lives we lead. I cannot imagine what my parents would have done if they had to deal with kindergarten graduation ceremonies.

My brain doesn’t work anymore. It has been proven by my six year old who wrote me this beautiful note saying, “ I love mommy because she does not use her brains.” I think my brain has checked out and is eternally vacationing in some tropical island. But somehow even there I constantly here the words – “hungry”, “poop”, “mommy”, “dessert”, “why”, “but WHY?????”

I have to admit – my daughter has some serious skills. Some of the stuff she can do blows my mind. She can talk non-stop while brushing her teeth. She can also do a balancing act while on the potty. She can do cartwheels and hand stands right after dinner without throwing up. She can say “mommy” in EVERY sentence.

But at the end of the day, she thinks Mommy is 18. I think Mommy is 24. And there is always tweezers for those damned eyebrows and mascara for when you realize there will be no more eyebrows left for tweezing.