Saturday, July 28, 2007

Indian food with aunty Joy

Is she blogging?

This was towards the end of her keyboard mania and hence the crankiness. She started off having a blast. By the time we thought it would be fun to tape she was already losing interest. But I thought it would be fun to share anyways.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Annoprashon (Rice Ceremony)

In our culture there is a ceremony for when baby is about to start eating solids. The maternal uncle is responsible for feeding the baby his/her first bite of rice. The baby girl is dressed as an Indian bride. However in Evani's case she will not be starting solids yet. We just got done with the ceremony as last Sunday was an auspicious day for the event. BTW - hope you noticed that she got her ears pierced...YAY!!! The entire album can be viewed here

Here are a few glimpses~

And of course, what is Mala's blogs without some video clips?
Here is Evani with her uncle (my brother)getting ready for the ceremony to begin~

All our events is always about food, so as usual there was LOTs of it~

And here is Koko at her 'after party' with Baba~

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another fun-filled week/weekend

Okay - so this past week was jam packed with activities. Celebrations started from 4th of July at the McDaids residence. Koko finally got to meet Pauline - her grandma from London who sends her all the pretty clothes. Actually Michelle and Joss did an excellent job in surprising Pauline with all the babies. There were lots of cuddles, smiles and love to share that day. Thanks so much for making the day so special for us. It was a joy to spend time with all the cutie pies. And of course special thanks to Joss for some top notch grilling. I wish I could post some pictures from that day (there were over 200 taken - thanks to Joy) - but I forgot to load the memory card in my camera and do not have any copies of the pictures from MC's camera yet.

As most of you know that both Shomeek and I love to travel. Its been a while since we went on a trip which makes us very uncomfortable. So last week we decided to get away for the weekend. After a lot of research we decided to visit Mono Lake (close to Yosemite). We also called up this lodge and reserved a little cottage for ourselves. But next morning I woke up with a not so good feeling about making the trip with Koko - so on instinct we cancelled. I still don't know if that was a good thing to do. Instead we decided to make a trip to Fremont to visit my nephews. Honestly, I've never been so excited in my life to go to Fremont - but it felt like an major outing for some reason. So we packed our bags and set out on Thursday night. Koko slept trhough most of the car ride and was very happy to see her brothers, mama and ninni ma (uncle & aunt) when we arrived. She took the whole trip very well -which made us parents gain some confidence for future trips.

Here is Koko conversing with Ron dada

We got back Friday afternoon and took the rest of the day to prepare for what was coming over the weekend. Saturday morning started with shopping at the outlet in Folsom. We were the first ones to enter the Gap store when it opened. We were there to buy gifts for Ronav's birthday and my nephews. Fortunately or unfortunately we were unaware that the kids and baby section was now a different store entirely. So we ended up buying "few" clothing items for ourselves. So much for trying to save some money. But it was fun shopping for ourselves and the kids and Evani enjoyed the pleasant morning weather. That evening was Ronav's third birthday party at Kemp Park in Folsom. My nephews were also invited to the party, so their whole family drove from Fremont and was staying over for the night at our place. A whole lot of fun followed.

Sunday morning Koko was in a happy mood and spent time with every family member in the house. Josh took over the camera and clicked some pictures which I might say is pretty impressive.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend activities

We had a really fun weekend. Friday we were visited by aunts Courtney and Marcy and uncle Matt. We missed taking pictures with Marcy and Matt - sorry! You guys have to visit again soon just to pose with us...:)

Saturday, Koko got to spend a lot of time with Dad. They read books, played with her favorite teddy (actually tried eating poor teddy) and then went on a short trip from her playmat to our bedroom door. I think she was aiming for the stairs. It is so funny to see her kick her legs and travel from point A to B. It is her new found skill and whenever she is put down - off she goes!

Also, I just had to share these pictures. Koko loves books - so in hopes of her becoming very scholarly - her Baba got her two onsies from Harvard when he was visiting Boston some time back on a business pressure at all! ;)
Do you think she's blogging????