Friday, December 12, 2008

I should've…

Changed before going on a long walk. Now I’m sitting in my sweaty t-shirt at work.

Packed my salad in a larger Tupperware. I just made a huge mess on my desk while tossing it with dressing.

Uploaded my own play list into the Shuffle that I am borrowing from hubby. Wouldn’t have had to listen to Himesh Reshammiya. I doubt if Shomeek has ever listened to his Hindi play list. I also doubt whether Himesh has ever heard himself singing.

Avoided talking about Himesh. That way I would've NEVER Googled him

Skipped reading this post on India Uncut. Now I cannot stop myself from reading random sexual dilemmas and laugh out loud for which I need to come up with an excuse real quick.

Happy Friday folks!


gaea said...

"I also doubt whether Himesh has ever heard himself singing"... that's a hilarious thought mala!

this brings me to another question. since the man sings through his nose instead of his mouth, i wonder which sense organ he would use to listen with?

Mala said...

That's a good question Ashwini! I however think that the particular organ he uses to listen with, is totally missing from his body parts ;)