Friday, June 29, 2007

Working out with Baba

Koko enjoying the outdoors

So here is Koko in our backyard, enjoying the good weather. Shomeek failed to mention he was recording - hence me posing like an idiot in the beginning, thinking he was taking still shots. Oh! and by the way - for all of you who don't know I chopped off my hair - here I am with my new look. I was losing hair like crazy...and with the new style my life is a lot easier.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Daddy's girl...

...and why not? After all daddy is not the one changing poopy diapers and shoving the yucky formula down her throat. Nah! I'm not bitter - only a wee bit jealous...:) So Koko loves to hear Shomeek doing his baby talk which makes her burst into giggles. So last week Shomeek had to go on a business trip for 2 days to Boston and oh boy - how badly Koko missed her daddy. The first night he was gone, Koko came home and got super cranky not finding dad there. She kept rotating her head and looking around for daddy. She wouldn't drink her milk and kept crying. I had to call Shomeek and put him on speakerphone to calm her down.

Lately we find her in a super good mood right after she wakes up in the morning. We put her down in the bouncer where she plays with her stuffed animals while we go about doing our stuff. The moment she sees one of us she gets super excited, giggles and throws her arms up wanting to be held. It is so darn cute.

Today being Friday, I had the day off and was able to spend some quality time with her. We played with toys, read books, talked to each other and even danced around to some disney music. She thorougly enjoyed all of it. Recently I've been putting her tummy down on my legs and doing some crunches (that's about all the exercise I manage to fit in my day). She loves when I lift my head up and kiss her tiny lips all along swaying her back and forth with my legs folded up.

Here is a clip of her right after she woke up this morning. She does sleep on her tummy (i know...i is not recommended due to SIDS - but that is the ONLY way she will sleep, so I can't really help it!) This totally makes my day! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's day

Our very first fathers day was indeed memorable. Morning started with changing into a cute 'I Love Dad' onsie followed by cuddle and conversation time with Baba. Baba received American Eagle t-shirts, movie tickets to Oceans Thirteen and brunch at Roxy. My entire visit to Roxy was surprisingly pleasurable. I was very entertained by the handsome waiters and my BIG eyes followed them whenever they crossed my line of vision (I wish Ma had recorded THAT). Pradeep mesho and Mouri mashi also joined us, which meant even more cuddles for me. I enjoyed my time with Baba very much.

Here I am, eyeing Baba's tomato juice.

Baba makes me SMILE

After brunch I decide to come home and entertain Baba.

I'm all dressed for Baba.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Koko's conversations

So this morning she was in a very happy mood right after she woke up. For the last few days she has been cranky due to her early teething symptoms. However she seemed to be in less pain yesterday and had a good night's sleep. That must have been the reason for her early morning conversation.

Koko's spa experience

Koko is no different from us - she loves getting a massage. I tend to give her a full body oil or lotion massage ever alternate day (and I don't get paid for it!!!). Here is a glimpse of her enjoying it. When she grows older, she might kill me for posting her nude clip...hee...hee...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

More pics!

I was on a roll this weekend. There are several more pictures - but I'm too lazy to upload them all here...hee...hee...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday fun!

It was a blessing to be able to stay home today and spend time with Koko. I am taking Friday's off for the next couple months. She clearly prefers to be home than go to daycare. She was a lot less cranky today and more playful. Here's what she was up to...