Friday, September 27, 2013

You know you are a single mom when...

  • You are ready to call it a day at 8:30am
  • You really feel like telling your kid that she can hunt for her own food at lunch
  • You are tired of hearing, “you look really tired today” 
  • But then you smile politely and say, “this IS how I look”
  • From the moment your kid wakes up, you wait eagerly for her bedtime
  • Shower times can play with your mind. You don’t want it to end (for either kid or you) but stress out thinking of the water bill next month
  • Every morning you tell yourself you will go to bed early tonight
  • But you never go to bed till midnight because that is the ONLY time you will get to yourself
    You use that very precious time very constructively, and instead of preparing lunch for the next day, you get caught up on Devious Maids and Mistresses (remember, kid can hunt for own food at school?)
  • You find yourself constantly making lists
  • You are incapable of taking naps (IF the moment ever arose) 
  • You live in constant fear of forgetting something very important
  • Your kid is the only child in school to wear the same dress to picture day as the previous year
  • The person you want MOST in your life is a live-in maid who can also do your hair every morning
  • Wine is your biggest expense
  • You don’t read books anymore - they are too taxing for your brain
  • You do not have the space for other people’s shit
  • You stop watching the news, chemical weapons don’t seem to a big problem anymore
  • Every free moment you get, you find yourself in the grocery store or scrubbing something
  • The only time you might be able to go out on a date would be Saturday brunch
  • But you would look too tired for that
  • And your date might mistake you for a bear because you have not had time to shave (just be glad I shower every day)
  • Or he might think this is the first time you’ve been to a restaurant because you are more interested in the dining experience than him
  • And then he will dump you on that first date realizing he cannot afford your wine bill
  • Did I already mention that wine is your biggest expense?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

In Love...

Lately, I received quite a few messages from my friends that they love seeing my Facebook posts, especially the photos. They want to know the secret to my glow and love my zest for life. Now, granted, everything on Facebook should be taken with a grain of salt, and I post only the "happy" moments, and I definitely do not glow without filters - I do love life. And the only reason I share it is because there is nothing like sharing a bit of happiness with friends and family. I've always shared happiness, even during the days we did not have Facebook.

What makes me happy?
Falling in love...

I fall in love almost every day. In fact I fell in love just last night with this couple at the airport. When you're traveling for business or with kids, you are always in a rush - how fast can I get out of that plane? How fast can I walk to the baggage claim? Does my child need to go potty? I better check my emails while I wait for those damned bags. Why did I check bags in the first place? Oh, I remember, it was for the shoes! I need a pair for the outfit I wanted to wear for that dinner, only to realize none of the 5 pairs I took with me matched.

So, last night, after I landed, I decided not to rush. And surprisingly, I got my bags as soon as I reached baggage claim. I strolled outside and waited for my friend to come pick me up and while I waited, I decided not to play with my phone. As I sat there inhaling fresh air and exhaling toxic airplane air, I was startled by a squeal from this lady who was so excited to see her partner. They both hugged, kissed and her partner held her tight and reminded her how much he missed her. I fell in love instantly.

I'm also in love with Sam. Our six year old neighbor who is honestly the most loving child I've ever met. I'm in love with the fact my daughter loves him as much as I do and that all three of us share the same love for Tom and Jerry.

When it comes to falling in love, I fall in love with my friends in San Diego over and over again. I'm a firm believer that God gives special kids to special parents and they are truly special. I'm in love with their strength, courage and most importantly their constantly smiling faces.

I fall in love easily with people who smile and make others smile. The greatest feeling in this whole world is putting a smile on someone's face. I'm in love with beautiful people - both from inside and out.

I am of course head over heels in love with my six year old - her morning breath, her crazy hair, her wiggling tooth, her crazy sense of fashion, our evening walks to watch the sun set, our pretend parties and dance shows.

So remember, if you are one of those people who find it hard to smile, complain about how things are not going your way, afraid others might judge you, or even worse, following your heart might throw things off balance - you need to wake up and fall in love, over and over again.