Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just nothings

New look. Old me. Literally old me. I was told by one of my co-workers that I wasn’t losing any weight due to my age. So now I am old AND fat – thank you very much! Just the motivation I need to run an extra mile at the gym. Running has been really hard lately. I think it IS the age. She was right! Having the hardest time losing any weight. Is that making me frustrated? I think I should eat now.

I think I would lose weight if:
• Someone paid me enormous amounts of money for it
• I had a personal chef, maybe a personal trainer would help too
• A new finding suggested that mashed potato and ice-cream can help shed some pounds

White space still persists in my new look. I need more of it in real life. There are so many things I want to achieve and so little time. Days are getting crammed and I end up with nothing done.

That does not stop me from dreaming. I can get enough of that done at work since it is so quiet here. Today is not an exception. It is like this all the time. I am not used to such silence. I miss my loud and noisy ex-colleagues. Thanks to Dubai Radio City 101.6 FM. It makes me want to dance. Their Desi Mix is the best, especially on Thursdays.

TDC has a performance coming up end of Jan. I have NO idea on content. I think it will be a dedication to the Mumbai attacks. That is ALL I can do now. It is frustrating. Maybe I should eat now. This way I will never lose weight. Someone needs to pay me big bucks. Maybe some of those idiots who drove the country into recession and made crazy dough for themselves. Maybe those guys are old and fat. Maybe it’s not me.

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sukalpa said...

see i followed u so u better follow tell me how u change the layout..i am tired of tghe standard formaqts offered

CGBCYouth said...

If someone pays me big bucks, I'd fly home more and eat more. Doube I'd lose any weight that way....

If your existence rely on you blogging, you better blog more often though...

Mala said...

Sukku: You need to go the 'layout' section and change stuff. For the header you can upload a custom image there. I am your ardent follower too.

Joy: Haven't you noticed that I am blogging more regularly. :) When do I get to see you? Its been too long.

TravelVixen said...

I love it that you are blogging more often! It is true that age makes it harder to shed the fat. Sometime in your 30s your metabolism starts slowing down, meaning you need less food and more exercise to shed a pound now. As for loving what you do... oh, I only dream of that. Good for you! I hope you find more white space in your life. Personally, I have too much... I'm constantly looking for ways to fill the voids.