Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ho Ho and Huh?

We don’t usually celebrate Christmas at home but since I love the holiday, I rely heavily on my workplace to get me into the spirit. With my last two companies, the holiday season was a big deal - trees, decorations, parties, music, bonuses, gifts and copious amounts of food.

Come this year, with economy down in the dumps, companies are cutting down on the parties and bonuses. Understandable. But at my new workplace things are worse, not because of the economy, but the total lack of spirit in everyone. When I walk into our side of the building I do not see a trace of holidays apart from maybe a couple tiny snowmen sitting on one of the desks. Only one vendor showed up with a cookie basket that was devoured in a few seconds and now we are left with nothing. But this morning just sucked the last straw out of me.

Before I tell you what happened, I need to describe in short, the way our office is set up. All the account executives and their teams are in one end of the building and the accountants and designers in the other. Now why would someone pair up graphic designers with accountants – God only knows. In a gist, our side is BORING.

So this morning as I walk into our side of the building I notice gifts on everyone’s desk. I am excited (who wouldn’t be?). But as I enter our corner I realize that the three graphic designer desks are void of such pleasantries. It means that only the boring accountants received presents from Santa. And of course we had to bear the squeals of delight as those presents were being opened. I tell ya - if Santa doesn’t arrive at the designer desks pretty soon I will be merrily PISSED!

That being said, this holiday season SUCKS! I miss my ex-coworkers and all the fun that we had. Ironically this has been my most creative job with the least creative workspace.

I need many a more mango martinis to make me go…



MattuSunny said...

That sucks!!! I am with you... the designers better get some gifts pretty soon!!!!

TravelVixen said...

God, I'm sorry. Not much better here. After all I'm at home on my own all day and haven't put up any decs because we're heading out of town. I still don't understand why they put you with Accounting. It's like how Lyon puts Accounting and Escrow by the windows... because, um, calculating numbers and shuffling paperwork really requires outside inspiration. Office politics!
It'll be better next year. Either you'll be in India or came come and celebrate with us and our new wee one.

sdives said...

how come you don't mention the 'other' gift you got?

Courtney said...

As one of your former co-workers, I completely concur - over here is no better and the small bits o'cheer are heartily manufactured and uncomfortable. Let's recall brighter days together and get all cheery! :)

CGBCYouth said...

Now I wonder...who gave the boring people gifts? I know it's santa, but santa WHO?

Anyway, state isn't that much better. However, I did attend two holiday parties threw by my section and my unit so I should be thankful.

Mala said...

Well, now I don't feel all that bad knowing other workplaces aren't super enthusiastic as well.

And look! Hubby dear decided to comment on my blog just 'coz I made him buy me a piece of jewelery over the weekend. It's a $1100 diamond ring that I got for $275 - can you believe that???? Whitehall co. has a store closing sale going on at Sunrise mall - you ladies need to rush!