Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I realized I had really turned 30 when on Sunday Shomeek offered to take me out for an elaborate birthday breakfast at some fancy place and I declined the offer wanting to stay in bed for a while longer and had him get me a chocolate croissant instead from Starbucks. For years I had planned that I would really celebrate my 30th by visiting the hottest night spots in SFO. But I realized I no longer enjoy going to nightclubs and dancing to Usher or 50 cents - I would much rather pick up my saree at knee level and try to imitate the earlier Govinda moves to equally enthralling 'rickshawwalla' music. That is precisely what I did the Saturday night before my birthday. Thanks to Sacramento's late Durga pujo festivities, it was Ms. Jojo night on Saturday and the first time I ever heard the song 'oooi maa ami laaje more jai!' What can I say - but that song just brought the best of 30 yrs in me and the typical kolkata bishorjon dance came to life. I missed the old Jeetendra/Mithun look alikes sporting the tight white shirts, pants and shoes (yes, all in milk white) joining me in my venture, but there were enough intoxicated characters to keep me company.
My actual birthday on Sunday was on much higher standards though. My dance troupe had a performance at the California Telegu Samiti annual program and our performance was a HUGE success. Very much in contrast with my dance moves the previous night - that was a treat in itself. So behold my friends, at 30 I'm just getting started!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Lens

I always complain about Shomeek spending way too much money on his photography equipments for nothing, but I have to admit being very impressed with his recent purchase: the 17-40L Cannon lens. He purchased it right before we left on vacation and the pictures from our Canada trip turned out way beyond my expectations. However, the real reason for me liking the lens is - I think it does a good job when it comes to my pictures. I am usually not photogenic and very rarely like a picture of myself. However, this new lens (and of course Shomeek will kill me if I don't include his photographic genius) has surprised me each time and I am really beginning to like myself in photographs. So good job Shomeek and below is a shot from this weekend's Durga pujo that I really liked. Of course I was shunned by all the 'mashi's'...ooops 'didi's' actually for not dressing up to the occasion (meaning not enough bling).

Hail the Indian Super Hero!

Just thought I'd share some laughs ~

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pre-pujo depression

Yes, I did say 'pre' and no I'm not out of my mind, and a bigger NO, this is not a continuation of my postpartum depression and it is neither 'that' time of the month. The real reason: Sacramento is yet to see the face of Maa Durga and I cannot tolerate to see anymore pictures of my beloved friends on orkut, dazzling in their pujo attires. Which brings me to phase 2 of my depression - I have NOTHING to wear at our upcoming pujo this weekend. 2 reasons for that too - 1. None of my traditional clothes fit me post baby. 2. Whats the point in dressing up - my daughter will be drooling on the silk anyways! Well, usually I'm not that shallow minded as to have my attire dampen my spirits, but it doesn't help when we have Durga pujo after bijoya and 'Lokkhi'pujo (i refuse to say 'lakshmi').
Anyhoo...I will stop ranting now and maybe write about something fun for my next post, to get me out of this crappy mood.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A breather!

Who knew writing for the blog would eventually become a source of sanity for me. This past week was a whirlwind of deadlines and with the looks of it, seems like the next week will be equally crazy. When I made the decision to quit having a full-time job a couple months ago, little did I know that I would end up being busier than ever. My imagination actually entailed being able to spend quality time with my little one, read books, watch movies, listen to music, catch up with old friends. In reality I've done all (with the exception of reading, as I'm taking a break from after having read Shantaram recently which took me forever to complete)and much more. I teamed with my previous colleague and good friend Marcy (who I don't think reads my blog :() to start our own Graphic Design company while on the other hand I teamed with my friend Soma to start an Indian contemporary dance company. Both have been going well, hence my crazy work schedule. I am currently working on a corporate branding project and also choreographing simultaneously for two dance shows to be held a week apart from each other. Not to mention, I have to plan and communicate practice schedules, shop for costumes, prepare & rehearse, coordinate with organizers, create ads, go for client meetings, prepare boards for presentations, etc...etc...
Okay, before any of you get me wrong - this is not me whining, but me organizing my thoughts. I feel productive as ever, since I'm doing all the things that I've been wanting to do in my life. I'm glad to be free of the "be creative in your little cubicle between 8-5" work schedule while my daughter cried her lungs out in daycare. It just makes me so happy to be with her at home, and watch her grow ever day. Its like a miracle happening right in front of my eyes. I love my work and my family -and that I believe is my greatest motivation at this point in time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Durga Puja!

Its that time of the year again when my heart aches for my hometown Kolkata and I wish I was there with friends and family. I haven't been home for the pujas for 8 years now, but I can still smell the pujo morning air, I can still hear the beat of the 'dhaak' (drum) and my feet do their own little 'dhunochi' dance. I'm not religious at all, but the goddess 'Durga' has a very special place in my heart. It used to be the only time in the year as a child that where we weren't expected to do homework for 5 straight days- that makes her special to anyone! :) The 'pandals', the 'adda', the 'fuchkas' and 'egg rolls', the new clothes and competing for who got the most number of new clothes that year, the flirting and infatuations, all of these memories still stir my soul. It is the season to love, laugh and let go. So my friends and family - many many miles away from me - I would like to tell you that I love you and miss you terribly in my life.

Shobaike amader torof theke sharodiyo shubheccha!