Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pre-pujo depression

Yes, I did say 'pre' and no I'm not out of my mind, and a bigger NO, this is not a continuation of my postpartum depression and it is neither 'that' time of the month. The real reason: Sacramento is yet to see the face of Maa Durga and I cannot tolerate to see anymore pictures of my beloved friends on orkut, dazzling in their pujo attires. Which brings me to phase 2 of my depression - I have NOTHING to wear at our upcoming pujo this weekend. 2 reasons for that too - 1. None of my traditional clothes fit me post baby. 2. Whats the point in dressing up - my daughter will be drooling on the silk anyways! Well, usually I'm not that shallow minded as to have my attire dampen my spirits, but it doesn't help when we have Durga pujo after bijoya and 'Lokkhi'pujo (i refuse to say 'lakshmi').
Anyhoo...I will stop ranting now and maybe write about something fun for my next post, to get me out of this crappy mood.


ArSENik said...

Damn! What's with parents with young kids and Pujo! My cousin here also gave the Pujo a miss this year (and I suspect its coz of her little one). Yeah yeah, I know. I'll only understand when I am in the boat.

PS: "Drooling on the silk" - LOL and Happy Lokkhi Pujo to you too.

TravelVixen said...

You are too funny. You are absolutely beautifil no matter what you wear and no metter how many drool blobs you have on you.

BTW -- love the look of the blog. Sorry I haven't visit for a whil!

TravelVixen said...

And HOW MANY TYPOS did I have in that post!? Sheesh.

Mala said...

@arsenik: you're damn right, you will only understand when you have a kid :) However much I crib , I will be going to the pujo to crib a bit more, and all that cribbing will come out in my post after the weekend! ;)

@MC: good to have you back and you are sweet as usual. Thank you for all the compliments. Putting our Canada pics in good use.

BTW, the marketing guru is allowed some typos you know ;) Can't wait to see you next weekend.