Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I realized I had really turned 30 when on Sunday Shomeek offered to take me out for an elaborate birthday breakfast at some fancy place and I declined the offer wanting to stay in bed for a while longer and had him get me a chocolate croissant instead from Starbucks. For years I had planned that I would really celebrate my 30th by visiting the hottest night spots in SFO. But I realized I no longer enjoy going to nightclubs and dancing to Usher or 50 cents - I would much rather pick up my saree at knee level and try to imitate the earlier Govinda moves to equally enthralling 'rickshawwalla' music. That is precisely what I did the Saturday night before my birthday. Thanks to Sacramento's late Durga pujo festivities, it was Ms. Jojo night on Saturday and the first time I ever heard the song 'oooi maa ami laaje more jai!' What can I say - but that song just brought the best of 30 yrs in me and the typical kolkata bishorjon dance came to life. I missed the old Jeetendra/Mithun look alikes sporting the tight white shirts, pants and shoes (yes, all in milk white) joining me in my venture, but there were enough intoxicated characters to keep me company.
My actual birthday on Sunday was on much higher standards though. My dance troupe had a performance at the California Telegu Samiti annual program and our performance was a HUGE success. Very much in contrast with my dance moves the previous night - that was a treat in itself. So behold my friends, at 30 I'm just getting started!


CGBCYouth said...

Happy Birthday pretty mama! Life does change fast when the big 3-0 hit you but don't worry, you're still dancing more than most of people I know who hit 30 haha...You look great in your photos...some wonderful lences I'm sure~~

ArSENik said...

Shubho Jonmodin. The whole point of dancing, according to me, is to express yourself, which defeats the whole point of choreography and a group of people dancing the same way :). Of course, I am Aurangzeb when it comes to dance, but I prefer the matkas and jhatkas of GovinDa and MithunDa to Ponchash Poisha and his colleagues.