Monday, October 29, 2007

The Lens

I always complain about Shomeek spending way too much money on his photography equipments for nothing, but I have to admit being very impressed with his recent purchase: the 17-40L Cannon lens. He purchased it right before we left on vacation and the pictures from our Canada trip turned out way beyond my expectations. However, the real reason for me liking the lens is - I think it does a good job when it comes to my pictures. I am usually not photogenic and very rarely like a picture of myself. However, this new lens (and of course Shomeek will kill me if I don't include his photographic genius) has surprised me each time and I am really beginning to like myself in photographs. So good job Shomeek and below is a shot from this weekend's Durga pujo that I really liked. Of course I was shunned by all the 'mashi's'...ooops 'didi's' actually for not dressing up to the occasion (meaning not enough bling).


ArSENik said...

I think the thakurs that I see in the background are adding enough bling for all the mashis/didis put together, almost rivaling His Blingness BapiDa. Tell Shoumik that its a nice snap, even though I belong to the other side (Nikon :)).

indicaspecies said...

Reached here from Sudipta's blog. I was speaking aloud there if I would be kicked out if I attended a puja in jeans and t-shirts? LOL

This picture is charming in your traditional clothes and the lack of bling makes it, in my opinion, even better!

Mala said...

@arsenik: I agree with you on the protimas lending the adequate amount of bling. I will pass along the message to Shomeek. :)

@indicaspecies: Thanks for visiting and the compliment. I always wear what best suits my personality and do not base it on what others think how I should be dressed - I very often end up in trouble though. ;)