Monday, February 12, 2007


FINALLY our nursery is good to go. Thanks to Soma (for attempt #1) and Sanhita for their help with the wallie. Thanks to hubbie for intalling and assembling the shades, light and fan, furniture and the little cart as well as dealing with my constant nagging...:) well - atleast i'm happy now. The crib bedding from Michelle looks absolutely adorable - thanks MC!


Joy said...

That's too I can't wait for little Evani to come~~~

Look how wonderful your parents are baby? You're one lucky gal!

britvixen said...

It looks so good... sad that she probably won't sleep in it for 6 months. I'm guessing you'll have her sleep with you and Shomeek in the middle of that big California King bed?

britvixen said...

Ok... it's now APRIL and we don't have any baby pictures being posted here. HELLOOOO!?