Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The SURPRISE shower

Not only do I feel lucky to have family around me, but I am also blessed with some awesome friends who have become such an integral part of my life in this country. I never knew you could share such great friendship with your co-workers but at Lyon - it has been an entirely different story. My friend Joy along with Sanhita and Shomeek organized a baby shower for me on Feb 3rd. It was a great event as I met all my friends and could spend some time with all before the baby arrived. I only wish my little baby knows how lucky she is to receive so many blessings and well-wishes even before her arrival. Next week is Kim's shower and I can't wait to take part in welcoming little Hudson...:) And finally thanks to all of you who came and made the day so special for me. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) Special thanks to Joy and Sanhita for making this happen.


Joy said...

I think the picture where Shomeek came behind you and hugged you was SO SWEET...He really adores you no matter how he acts sometimes haha...It's true love when you enjoy the other happy!

Hugs girl! And I can not WAIT to hug Evani!!!!

britvixen said...

I was so honored to be a part of your day, and a part of this special time for you. I agree with Joy, watching you and Shomeek come in at the moment of "surprise" was the best part of the day. Knowing how hard it is to live in another country without your family around you, I'm glad I can be a part of your "extended" family of friends. Like I said, Evani is going to have a lot of willing babysitters (in fact - I'm not sure if you and Shomeek will get much of a look-in!)

Bumble Bee said...

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the special events in your life. We love you!