Thursday, April 19, 2007

Its April and I NEED to post...

Okay...okay...I've been exceptionally lame with posting to my blog. I salute Conor, Joy and Michelle for being so regular - especially Michelle in the recent days...:)

I decided to get back to blogging today as it is kind of a special day for me. It is the first day since Evani was born that I am actually home alone with her. As most of you know my dad was out here to help me out - which he did a FAB job at. He finally left last night after 7 weeks. I miss him already.

Today was an interesting day. Evani being colic from birth, is the kind of baby who always wants to be held and gets real cranky at the slightest things, especially if she is put down. All morning today I've been trying to put her down in the bouncer, crib and play pen but to no avail. Even the Baby Bjorn carrier failed me. Finally after a morning full of crying she finally fell asleep at 1pm - hence me seeing the face of my computer. But despite it all - it just feels wonderful to be home with her by myself. Not that I did not like having dad here with me - he was great company - but I did miss our privacy, if you know what I mean.

So starting today, I'm looking forward to my time with Evani till I get back to work on May 29th. If I start losing my sanity I shall call for help! Till then Jen is my inspiration. I also intend to get out more often starting next week and spend some time with my dear friends - so look out for me ladies!!!

Also, for some reason I'm having problems uploading photos - so be patient...:)


Joy said...

Finally...last post was the nursery!!

Well I enjoy alone time with Noelle a lot long she doesn't drive me nuts!

psssst, it's Gen, not Jen!

britvixen said...


Yay! Mala's back! I certainly smiled at the comment that you would be spending more time with your friends. I think that includes me. If not, boo hoo.

Not that I know but (hey, I'm around a lot of new mothers these days so I at least have a good sampling for my anecdotal survey) everything you're feeling and experiencing seems fairly normal. I know it's a little different for everyone but I think you should take comfort from the fact that this is all just part of the process.

Nobody said it was going to be easy but then nobody probably ever accurately described how much you would love your new daughter either.

You are a strong person and I have so much admiration for you. This too shall pass.

YAY! Can I say it again? MALA'S BACK! :)