Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The New Year Post

When your year ends with having to dump your child’s Christmas presents in a trash bag or having to deal with the year’s worst temper tantrum right before heading out to the NYE bash, you can’t help but think you’ve had the worst year of your life. And I can’t help but wonder, whether everywhere in the world people are drinking themselves silly for similar reasons that very special night. (I think they ARE!)

But today, the very first day of 2014, was right out of a fairytale. My daughter seemed like she could be Cinderella instead of one of her stepsisters, which made me wait in anticipation all day for the bubble to pop. Only after I tucked her in bed, I realized I had the perfect day with the perfect daughter. But the day wasn’t perfect because of this one reason. The day was perfect because we were also both very sad to have said goodbye to our best friends, so sad, that my almost seven year old sat down to write a letter to her friend saying how much she was missing him and wish he had never left. That was real. That was life. And that made it such a perfect day to start the year with.

2013 was the same. It was real. It was life – complete with shitty moments and incredible ones, but most of all, a year of endurance. Today, I shamelessly pat myself on the back and shout out loud that I did really good. And I did it with grace, and dignity, and for the very first time, I am proud of myself.

I am also incredibly proud of my daughter who continually struggles to be the perfect child we all want her to be and makes me revisit the word "endurance" on a daily basis.

So, I start this new year with no resolutions or goals, but with everyday life that me and my child will truly LIVE!

Wishing all of you a year full of crazy laughs!

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Joy @CGBC Youth said...

Beautiful post! I'm proud of you and proud to be your friend too. You did it with grace indeed. Love you!