Monday, January 20, 2014

I Have a Dream!

I honestly don't know why people are making such a big deal about NSA surveillance and the storage of phone metadata. I mean, I really have no issues with NSA listening to my phone conversations. In fact, I pity whoever has to listen to them. I mean, imagine having to listen to the phone conversations I have with my ex. I won't be surprised if they send over a terrorist to blow us out. And boy, if they are reading our emails - that might require chemical weapons. So, if they need to really go through our personal information to stop a terrorist attack, I say - go for it! In fact, I think NSA deserves a medal for going through all that crap.

I have never really talked about my divorce in my blog. Mainly because I didn't think it was anyone's business. But I was wrong and the esteemed Bengali community of Sacramento thought otherwise. And even though this deserves a whole post dedicated to the topic, I would just like to tell all of you who have shown extreme concern regarding my daughter's well-being, it would be nice for you to actually try and find out how she's doing and help out once in a while. So, take a chill pill and worry about what's happening in your home, not mine. And if you really do have that perfect family, then please try to devote your time to world peace. And remember, each time you judge me when I walk into the room, know, I'm feeling sorry for you - truly.

In other news, today is day three of my Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 workout challenge. All I can say is that, apart from discovering muscles that I did not know existed, I should have also been serious about my kegel exercises while I was pregnant. The fact that at my age I am even thinking of adult diapers makes me depressed. And that makes me eat a whole bag of chips. And that makes my workout quite meaningless. Moral of story - working out at home is depressing! I think I need a nap.

It took me a while, but I discovered the secret to being a perfect parent - alcohol and TV! Today is also day three of my little one being sick and we have not left the house so far. If you're not a parent, you will probably not understand the gravity of this situation. Remember the airline safety videos where they ask you to wear your oxygen mask first and then help your child? You have to apply that same rule when your kid is sick and stuck at home. You reach for the wine first and then the cough syrup - I am serious! And TV time is the ONLY time the coughing and whining recedes. One of these days I will find that post where I proclaimed, being a parent was the best thing that happened to me and delete that remark.

If you've been feeling jealous that I had MLK day off - this post should now put your mind at ease. And this quote couldn't me more appropriate in my life right now: "I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream." Just that my dream involves a beach and a private jet.

Jokes apart, I pay respect today to the remarkable man who touched the lives of many ordinary citizens.

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Gita said...

Dear Mala,

I love your post!! Kudos! Be strong, sista - I do judge, and I judge to be a perfectly normal, intellgent, capable, independent and fearless woman. May all others watch and learn.