Monday, July 04, 2011

Following dreams

Thanks to my daughter I've watched the movie Tangled close to a hundred times (not an exaggeration)and surprisingly each time I've LOVED it and wished I was the lost princess who is finally able follow her dreams. One thing I've realized while growing up is that I have always lived a life that was deemed right and proper by someone else. Even the dreams were more or less set for me. I'm not saying I've had a bad life - but it was mostly not of my own choice. I think a lot of my friends from India have been in similar situations and felt the same way, yet we always end up doing what we think everyone else will think is right. Now that I am a mother such expectations are much greater. Every step I take I have to be convinced I am doing the right thing for her.

Deep down inside I know whatever I do, I will always have her best interest in mind and will not love her any less. I hope she grows up living her dreams and knows it is okay for everyone else around her to do so. As we sit and watch Tangled for the 101st time and she tries to braid my hair, I foresee a strong, beautiful and independent girl following her dreams just like the lost princess Rapunzel (even though her hair takes forEVER to grow):)

Happy 4th readers and here's hoping you are all following your dreams or are at least trying to do so.


sukalpa said...

So true's the story of most women...atleast we have been privileged to carve out a live for ourselves that hopefully will provide a strong stepping stone to our little princesses who truly would not fear to tread the path of their dreams....(amen).

MACMD said...

I know that there are many more cultural pressures on you than there have been on me in my life but I feel this too for other reasons. One of the many reasons why I decided to start MbyM photography was because I just could not reasonable guide my daughter to follow her dreams if I didn't have the guts to follow my own. I hope to show her, by example, what living life to the fullest is. I know you are the same way, which is why I love you. Follow your dreams, Mala, and everything else will fall into place. Promise.

Mala said...

@Sukalapa - amen sista!

@MC - I know you so well and I LOVE you for all that you are.

Amarnath Pallath said...

dreams --- Loved this