Friday, May 20, 2011

My Last Wish(es)

Okay, so according to Harold Camping the world comes to an end tomorrow which is all fine and dandy and I plan to have an equally “exciting” life with the zombies but I quite honestly don’t want to be stuck within gray cubicles my last day. I definitely want to be in a beach sipping cocktails as per my FB status RIGHT NOW! Okay – have to admit it has nothing to do with the world ending and all – I want to be on a beach and not working – ANYWAYS! But if the world were to end I would be pissed because there are too many things on my to-do list before I die:

• African Safari
• Taj Mahal on a full moon night
• Dinner at the Caves in Jamaica
• Houseboat stay in Kashmir
• A few nights at the Udaipur Palace
• Palace on Wheels
• Backwaters of Kerela
• Trek (whatever I can) the Himalayas
• Go on a date with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan (I’ve been dreaming of them lately – maybe it’s a sign!)
• Learn belly dance, hip-hop and kathak
• Get into a size 4 dress
• Get my nose pierced – yes, AGAIN
• Learn to bake – I WILL eventually
• Shop irrespective of what’s on sale
• Be the world’s best mom
• Adopt a child
• Contribute to society to my best abilities
• Eradicate folks who have nothing better to do than proclaim the world is coming to an end.

• And most importantly TRAVEL THE WORLD and Win a lottery!

I’m sure I’ve missed many things (as I said, way too much to do before I die) but it was fun trying to think of all the things I still want to do. Also, I’m just waiting what these folks will have to say on Sunday. :)


Soma said...

I think you have to switch the last line..."win a lottery and then world travel". You have a VERY EXPENSIVE wish list I must say.

Oh yeah...and why on earth "Saif Ali Khan"??????

I have a quite a few common wishes with you, specially the 'size 4' one.

Mala said...

Ha..ha...I agree! :) Or maybe get hold of a Sugar Daddy ;)
For some reason I quite like Saif Ali. Actually I forgot to mention Farhan Akhtar in that list.

MACMD said...

Who needs to be a size 4 if all the other stuff comes true? George Clooney? Brad Pitt? I'd die and go to heaven right there.

Sums said...

You should get started hitting some beaches with some summer cocktails..

and Yes..i would add Arjun Rampal and Rahul Bose to my list :)

hapi said...
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