Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 already???

Where did ’08 go?

We ended it in the perfect way. Well, not that freezing one’s behind is perfect in anyway, but Toronto was fun. It was the company that mattered and spending valuable time with my best friend and her hubby was very rewarding. This couple loves Evani like their own. At times we were confused as to who her parents were. She was treated like a princess and showered with love beyond any means.

True friendship is hard to find and when such a thing exists, you feel honored to be a part of it. That’s what I share with Sapto. Having known each other since 5th grade, we’ve been together through many journeys in life and have still stayed strong. However, it is her husband, Robin who is truly a special gift. For him to embrace his partner’s friendship with love, warmth and respect is extraordinary. We love you Robin & Sapto and are extremely proud to have you in our lives. 2008 couldn’t have ended more perfectly.

However, nothing in life is ever perfect. The year also ended with a friend being diagnosed with stomach cancer that will have her leaving us very soon. A miracle is what her family and friends are waiting for now. This New Year I could only wish for strength and courage for her three year old daughter.

To all my friends and family, I wish you good health in 2009.


sukalpa said... has so many never know whats coming your i guess its best to be thankful for the great friendships,the lifelong partnerships,the simple joys,the wonders of the earth and mankind and live each day of our lives to the fullest.

My heartfelt wishes for strength and courage to the three year old...may a miracle truly happen.

ronita said...

yes this is ME... in case it si hard to believe... got here via Sukalpa's blog. Evani r ekta photo dekhlam... she's grown up yaar!
Ekshathe new year celebrate korte na parleo you, suku, sumana, sapta, ishani... all were in my mind on that night.. cheers to our freindship:)
p.s. Sapta tor best friend ?... ha ha ha... ami bhabtam bodhoy ami/ishanio competition-e achi...hee hee... opinion copy te to amader naam likhtish bole :) :)

Mala said...

Ronita - never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined you leaving me a comment - ami hotobaak! ki holo tor?
We missed the whole gang on new year's too.
tor best friend-er comment pore pete khil dhorlo. cannot stop laughing. shei patar por pata amader koto opinions - tar ajke ar konoi value rakhlam na. tora hocchis giye amar bestest friend...ha..ha...

Salil Dhawan said...

In today's materialistic world.true friendship is hard to find and even if you find you need to give it time to flourish which no one has.
Very nice post and blog though.
Do visit my blog and hope you like some of posts.
Keep writing such good posts


Mala said...

Thank you for visiting, Salil!