Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mamma Day and much More

Despite suggestions from one of my fellow blogger to (a) piss off another blogger or (b) add some sexual content in order to have someone/anyone read my blog, which none of you have been doing lately, I decided to stick with my own jabberings. And in order to boost my self esteem, I did something really wild this mothers day - I got my nose pierced! Since this was such a spur of the moment thing and having not done too much research on the subject matter, I learned a few things that I need to share.

1. You really need to have a pretty nose in order to make that a focal point on your face by adding a little shiny thing.

2. Having a parrot nose does not enhance your look in any way. In fact, sometime due to the funny shape of your nose, the piercing might not be visible at all depending which angle you are looking at the face.

3. Picking your nose/tickling your brain does not seem to be an option.

4. Planning the piercing so that you get it done close to home seems to be a better option than having to drive far away if anything were to go wrong and you needed to go back to get it fixed. This also is relevant to timing it in such a way so that in case your nose was to swell up, you do not have a social commitment, or even better, a performance, a week after the piercing.

5. Sneezing hurts.

6. Inflicting pain to oneself on occasion of mothers day might not seem to be a great idea after all.

7. You might be blackmailed by your spouse that if you don't listen to him, he will punch your nose.

That being said, here is the new me ~

After the night of piercing, Mothers Day was spent at Napa Valley. Okay, this had nothing to do with getting drunk to ease off the pain. I had a friend visiting and we took her for a tour. The weather was gorgeous and the wine made me feel better in a lot of ways, especially since the pricey lunch left me only half full. All in all, I realized how lucky I am to have such a beautiful daughter and being her 'mamma' is the best thing to have happened to me.

As usual Shomeek captures the moment as is ~


Urban Koda said...

I found the best way to get readers was to make comments on other blogs... It didn't always guarantee that my blog would get read, but it worked occasionally!

The trick I haven't yet figured out was how to keep them coming back...

What's the Napa Valley like in July? I'm thinking about doing the Vineman triathlon there in 2010, and was wondering if it would be hot and humid, or something else?

TravelVixen said...

Ok, sorry sorry sorry I haven't commented. To be fair, I kept checking over and over again and all I got was the bong post. So I just sort of stopped. Now, of course, I see that my neglecting you has caused you to almost flee the city and mutilate your body. Really, those are quite some drastic actions to take dear!

Anyway, I'm glad you're sticking around, I'm "interested" to see the 3rd hole in your nose, and I can't wait to give Evani cuddles.

CGBCYouth said...

You are right...I can barely tell you got your nose pierced! That being said, I think once I realized where it was, it's really nice looking-- I was expecting those little rings which would probably not look too good on most anyone anyway. So...when we doing Indian???Hehe...

marcy wacker said...

Love the piercing...can't wait to see it in person. And, oh that picture of you and Evani, precious!

Mala said...

OMG! I actually have 4 comments - yoohoo...

urban koda: Thanks for visiting. I did leave a comment on your blog as well. ;)

MC: Yes my dear - you have powers. Hence no neglecting me any further.

JF: I think that is because the picture is kind of blurry...;) Still trying to console myself there. I'll email you regarding Indian.

Marcy: Thank you. You might have the honor today itself - lucky you! And yes, one of my favorite photos.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Okay I'll make you day with the 5th comment. See, even mentioning those two golden mantras got you comments! There is another way of following when new blog posts come up which I'm trying to practice before I preach: RSS feeds into Firefox itself. You might try advocating for that in the next bloggers' meet.

Anyway... now the newly punctured Mala should be somebody interesting to meet. But yes, the pic looks cool :)

ArSENik said...

While scrolling up to the post, I was wondering why you had a closeup of your face randomly, for a mother's day post. Then I read, and squinted, and saw the piercing. It kinda disappears when viewed against your skill color. Maybe it will be more visible in person.

Talking of piercings, I lost mine a couple of months back. Fell out during one of the daku theater practices, and the current state of my hair told me not to replace it. You were probably too tired during my last visit to notice.

This mother's day was different. Usually my mom calls and tries her feeble best at melodrama (she is from a family full of finance people and herself studied Economics, and finance and melodrama don't mix) saying "It's Mother's Day. You wouldn't call. So, I thought I should." Following which I would wish her sheepishly. She didn't call this year. Hmm...wonder why...interesting isn't it? Probably not for you...but I guess I am ranting.

Mala said...

Sudipta: You're right, even mentioning those helped - you're a genius! Hope to meet you soon when you're here. Also, I know about the RSS feed - just that I'm a bit technologically challenged.

Arsenik: Thanks or visiting under tremendous pressure ;). You're right - I totally missed your piercing, now had it been on the nose I would have noticed.
Totally cool about the ranting. So what I didn't get was - did you finally end up calling mom?

ArSENik said...

No, I didn't. And she hasn't called in a while either. Looks like the game is on. Let's see who can hold out longer. Of course, she may have just missed the fact altogether that it was Mother's Day, and that my banal existence is forcing me to think up Ekta Kapooresque scenarios. While on the subject, I imagine a conversation between us if we were characters in her serial, would probably go something like this.

Mum: You have changed.
Me: How so?
Mum: You hang out more with girls now than with your Mum.
Me: Isn't that the purpose of life, according to the Vedas? I have to prepare for the Grihastha period na?
Mum: But don't forget, I carried you in my tummy for 9 months and at least Devaki was lucky she had Yashodha to rare Kanha.

[Insert 4 min 32 second song by Mahendra Kapoor about Krishna's humble upbringing here]

Mum: Damn, I shouldn't have fought with your Masi about who should inherit your Nani's 48-karat gold 6-piece utensil set when I was pregnant with you. In any case, Nani is still pretty healthy even today. Then she would have brought you up.

I have tears in my eyes. Seeing me she has tears in her eyes.

Mum: Come come. I was only kidding. If she had brought you up, you would be trying to teach accounting to blind, deaf and dumb people today rather than making multi-crore business deals in Vessacci suits and bouncy hair.

We both hug.

Linh and Yogi said...

i suppose if you can go through labor and be a mommy, you can do anything! i can barely see the nose piercing in the pix but you look great regardless :o)