Monday, May 19, 2008

Blistering Barnacles!

Its funny how randomly Captain Haddock came to mind after I inflicted more pain on myself this Saturday. When temperatures soared to 105 degrees around 3pm on the 17th, a few of us insane dancers rocked the amphitheater at the Rancho Cordova International Festival. The result: blistered feet, dehydration and some terrible photographs of us dancers squinting and trying real hard to cover the pain. The concrete we danced on was close to boiling point, I'm sure, and I think I can now say I know what walking on hot coal feels like. At the end of it what came out was however, true team spirit and professionalism and an awe struck audience. The pain quickly dissolved when everyone came up to congratulate us for a fabulous performance and many said it was the best Indian Fusion they had ever witnessed. Go TDC!

And yes, I'm able to walk again! :)


CGBCYouth said...

And of course you had to wear goodnes...probably can't go for a "modified" dance with shoes on huh?

ArSENik said...

I like the outfits - they are a good mix of Indian and western contemporary - fusion to the hilt. As far as dancing on hot cement goes, now you know what Basanti had to deal with. Of course, she took it a notch further with the broken glass, but at least you have a goal now for your next dance ;). Looks like I missed out on some good dance because of the weather.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


And walking barefoot on concrete on a hot sunny day... I know what it feels like :(
My congratulations on having braved such conditions: very well done indeed!

TravelVixen said...

GREAT JOB Mala! Suffering for your art and everything - what a trooper!

I'm so sorry I didn't make it - it was like the weekend for local festivals. Let me know when your next performance is.

Mala said...

JF: Okay honey, next time I will have you choreograph a 'modified' dance for us that includes shoes...;) I'm thinking Noelle can join in on that one.

Arsenik: Glad you liked the outfits even though all black wasn't really helping is in any way. Our next goal will br to break Basanti's record and you cannot miss that one for anything. Glad you didn't drive all the way for this - na jani shara jibon amake koto khisti khete hoto from my weirdo internet friend.

Sudipta: Thunk u...thunk u...Wonder what you were doing barefoot on hot concrete...hmmm...????

MC: I will definitely let you know.

marcy wacker said...

Ouch! First the nose, now the feet! Youlook beautiful, at least(: