Saturday, December 29, 2007


Tonight, after nearly a year, I went to the theater to watch a Hindi movie and I am really glad it was 'Tare Zameen Par'. Not only does it a have a solid storyline and a strong message, but it stood out to me artistically as well. The simplicity of its creation made it appealing to me. It was not over dramatic in trying to make you sob and feel very sorry for the characters. It is not my intent to review the movie or tell you the story, the reason I'm writing about it lies in the fact that I strongly related to it in various aspects to the minutest detail. When I was in boarding school we used to push the food with the fork (held in our left hand) into the spoon (held with our right) and shove it in out mouths. That is exactly how they showed it in the movie. You the reader might be thinking - so what's the big deal - and I wish I could explain. It felt like I knew exactly how the nine year old boy felt the day his parents waved him goodbye his first day at boarding school.

A very inspirational movie and a must see for especially the Indian parents. Gosh, I think I'm in love with Aamir Khan all over again. :)


ArSENik said...
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ArSENik said...

Yeah, excellent movie in terms of message, detail and of course cinematically speaking. Amole Gupte, Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary take a bow. Also what is interesting is that everyone can relate to it a little. For instance, I have never been to boarding school, but when they were showing young Darsheel taking ages to get dressed for school in the morning, I couldn't help but reminisce about my juvenile days, even down to the dirtiest detail :)