Sunday, August 19, 2007

Koko's intro to belly dancing

This Friday we met up with some of Shomeek's colleagues for dinner at a Persian restaurant. Who knew that Friday night was 'belly dancing' night at that place. Koko was tired and snoozing in my lap when all of a sudden the music blared and out came the belly dancer with her shimmies ( i hope that's how its spelled!). Koko jerked out of her nap and while I was scared that she would start shrieking at such sudden intrusion, to my delight she was actually mesmerized. With eyes and mouth (that's a constant) wide open, she actually was unable to blink. The belly dancer was kind enough to spend some quality time dancing for her most intrigued audience despite the fact that the parents did not have a single dollar bill to tuck in for her. I think Shomeek might go back next Friday night just for that missed opportunity. For all of you who do not know Shomeek that well, he does not miss an opportunity to either pose with or take pictures of belly dancers (atleast this time he had a good excuse) here goes~

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TravelVixen said...

OMG - too funny! I can just hear her at age five now:

TEACHER: So Evani, what do you want to be when you grow up?
EVANI: I want to be a belly dancer!