Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend activities

We had a really fun weekend. Friday we were visited by aunts Courtney and Marcy and uncle Matt. We missed taking pictures with Marcy and Matt - sorry! You guys have to visit again soon just to pose with us...:)

Saturday, Koko got to spend a lot of time with Dad. They read books, played with her favorite teddy (actually tried eating poor teddy) and then went on a short trip from her playmat to our bedroom door. I think she was aiming for the stairs. It is so funny to see her kick her legs and travel from point A to B. It is her new found skill and whenever she is put down - off she goes!

Also, I just had to share these pictures. Koko loves books - so in hopes of her becoming very scholarly - her Baba got her two onsies from Harvard when he was visiting Boston some time back on a business pressure at all! ;)
Do you think she's blogging????

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