Monday, July 16, 2007

Annoprashon (Rice Ceremony)

In our culture there is a ceremony for when baby is about to start eating solids. The maternal uncle is responsible for feeding the baby his/her first bite of rice. The baby girl is dressed as an Indian bride. However in Evani's case she will not be starting solids yet. We just got done with the ceremony as last Sunday was an auspicious day for the event. BTW - hope you noticed that she got her ears pierced...YAY!!! The entire album can be viewed here

Here are a few glimpses~

And of course, what is Mala's blogs without some video clips?
Here is Evani with her uncle (my brother)getting ready for the ceremony to begin~

All our events is always about food, so as usual there was LOTs of it~

And here is Koko at her 'after party' with Baba~


CGBCYouth said...

Wait a minute wait a minute...was this the one we were supposed to get invited to?????

*runs away crying...

Ellen said...

My friends have invited me to their baby's rice ceremony. Should I bring a gift and, if so, what would be appropriate? Are their any customary greetings, wishes or blessings that one offers? My friends speak Bengali and a little Hindi.

Sharmila said...

yes Ellen when u r invited for rice ceremony you r supposed to take a gift for the baby.... a toy,a dress or whatever u like to gift.