Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh look - Mala finally has an update!!!

I know....I've been extremely lazy in updating my blog. So this update is dedicated to all of you who have been bugging me constantly (you know who you are!) these past few weeks. ;o)

Here are the first pictures of peanut. ENJOY!


Joy said...

Peanut is smiling at me! Thanks for the update. I have reason to live, i mean, visit again!

Bumble Bee said...

What a beautiful peanut! I'm so excited... I really can't wait to see you! Lots O' Love

Meagan said...

Awe! I'm so excited for you. You look great! Big hugs.

Linh said...

goodness, had to wait for you to say the word before i enter your blog :oD

i'm sure it's bigger than a peanut by now. can't wait to rub your tummy for good luck!

Linh said... adorable...sorry for the late viewing but better late than never :o)