Tuesday, July 08, 2014

You Know You Need a Life When...

  • You go to get your nails done and realize this is the ONLY male touch you have experienced in over a year. Your heart flutters till you look up and see his face.
  • Your first week night off, you station your ass on the couch for 6 straight hours and watch TV.
  • Your second week night off, you spend drinking with your boss who is also a priest.
  • Your ex-boss keeps texting you videos of all the renditions of "let it go" he comes across.
  • You decide to start working out, but end up eating 4 dosas along with other meat related stuff and washing all that down with some wine.
  • You look forward to Monday nights when you can watch the recorded Devious Maids episode.
  • You originate from India, but get really upset when Brazil gets their asses whooped at the World Cup semi-finals, which results in all-day moronic Facebook updates.
  • Your daughter rolls her eyes and says, "Mommy, are you listening to love songs AGAIN?"
  • The rare Friday you get off work early, you decide to schedule dance practise.
  • You make up for 13 years of good driving record with your first ticket which is a red light violation you got trying to make a right turn.
  • Your Facebook page gets flooded with photos of you wearing sarees and posing with the same people every weekend, weekend after weekend and getting tagged in the same photos taken by everyone at the event.
  • You get home and write stupid blog posts.

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