Monday, February 11, 2013

Party Planning Jitters

I finally won over my urge to constantly be in the know of everything that was happening in everyone's lives. Its been almost three weeks that I've not been on Facebook and I must say it feels pretty good. My head is not full of useless information anymore - well, for the most part - when I'm not trying to answer questions like "mommy, how can Mary Poppins sit on a cloud?"

The chatterbox is turning six and she wants a party. If she could, she would invite 100 kids and I'm not kidding. I'm sure she even mentioned something to that effect in one of her conversations while driving home back from school. So far she has almost 40 kids on her invite list. I'm just amazed she even knows 40 kids. Yes, I know I'm crazy to have said yes to it. But I'm happy she considers that many her friends and wants to include them in her celebrations. I, however, have starting laying rules for next year already - limiting her to 10-15 friends she can invite. She sighs, throws her arms in the air, rolls her eyes and says, "mommy, but that's not even a party!" Dear God, SAVE ME!!!

So, I was chatting with a friend today and we were talking about how we cannot remember anything these days. Apparently her mom tells her the same thing that my dad constantly tells me - "if you forget everything at this age, what will you do when you are my age?" I tell my dad it was easy for them. They weren't as forgetful when they were younger because they were not as stressed as we are these days - they did not have Google searches and most importantly they did not have Pinterest. Yes, its official - Pinterest stresses me out beyond belief. So when I did a Google search on the upcoming birthday party theme(s), I was led on several instances to Pinterest boards and one particular blog and I realized there was a whole new world out there of moms with money, lots of it, and something even more precious - TIME. Well, yes, they are creative too and with the resources available to them, their creativity knows no bounds. This knowledge stresses me out why? Because somehow it makes me look like a loser and I don't feel creative anymore and realize my party planning ideas stink - I stink. The realization dawns that however much I try, I will not be able to make my daughter's 6th birthday party look like a wedding on the beach. Beat that dad!

One idea I am taking from all my party planning research though - a bottle of Bombay Sapphire will go very well with the party theme. But a disclaimer to all parents invited - that's only for ME. :)


MACMD said...

Well, I am so not coming if I can't get some of the Bombay Sapphire. {SULKS}

Soma said...

Loved reading the post as usual. I can agree with you although I am not a mother (yet). I was a pinterest addict and gradually started feeling very low. I felt like I am the only woman on earth with a bad wardrobe and 80's fashion style. The only one with a boot which was bought 5 years ago and with a tummy screamming for help.

With FB, I don't even want to go there. I was so sick of liking mindless things that I took a FB detox. If it wasn't my blog, I wouldn't have come back to FB.

Don't think about the craft expert, networthy Moms, they are for pinterest only.

Mala said...

@MACMD: Bring your own flask girl. I'm very territorial these days - LOL!

@Soma: I'm glad you're back on FB. I've missed seeing your pretty face. And I don't know what you're talking about having a bad wardrobe - I find you VERY well dressed and coordinated.

Soma said...

You should write more often. Love reading your posts.

Compared to pinterest, my wardrobe is prehistoric. :(