Friday, March 30, 2012


Okay, I admit, I have more pressing problems than my purse. Q&A sessions with my five year old whenever we drive somewhere, is topping the list right now. More often than not they extend beyond just “car time”. If for any reason I thought I wasn’t crazy enough to see a shrink before, I do so now.

Q. Mommy, how old was I when I was in your tummy?
A. Zero

Q. Mommy, how did I come out of your tummy?
A. The doctor cut my tummy open (NO, I am NOT ready to discuss natural birth right now) and took you out.

Q. Isn’t that dangerous? While cutting did the doctor not cut me?
A. No. The Doctors are very skilled and they do not cut the babies while cutting their mommy’s tummy.

Q. Mommy, how did you know I wanted to come out?
A. You knocked on my tummy and I knew you were ready to come out. Just like I can tell when you need to go to the bathroom when you do your little dance.

Q. Mommy, how did I get into your tummy?
A. {The question I was dreading} Ummm…well, when mommy and daddy get married, a baby comes to mommy’s tummy because mommy and daddy want you so much. (Let me know if any of you have a better one for this)

Q. Mommy where was I before I came to your tummy?
A. {I’m stumped} Hmmm…let’s see… (inserting favorite scenes from one of her Barbie movies) I think you were in a different world with with the cloud princess and her flying unicorns and you had long hair that touched the ice when you ice skated. {Very proud of myself here for coming up with something so creative}

Daughter{Tears start streaming down her eyes}
Mommy {totally flustered}: What happened baby?
Daughter: I want to go to the cloud princess right now! I want to ice skate with Barbie
Mommy {SHIT!!! Did not see this coming}:  But ‘shona that was a dream.
Daughter: But you just said I was there before coming to your tummy. Why can’t I go back?
Mommy: What I meant to say was you were dreaming about the cloud princess before you came to my tummy. Hey! who wants  brownie with ice cream???

And you think why my brain is turning to mush?


Biddu said...

good one...please correct this sentence...two "with"-s have come...

"I think you were in a different world with with the cloud princess "

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Mala said...

Thank you Biddu for visiting and of course editing my typos :)

Sudipta: too funny!