Thursday, September 01, 2011

Blah blah blah blah blah

Yes, I know I need to finish my series on boarding schools and it would be wrong to say I don't have the time. The fact is when I do have the time I just want to...well, do nothing! Most nights I've been falling asleep by 9pm out of exhaustion and not the physical kind. My brains are fried from having listening to my daughter talk and ask questions continuously for five or six hours straight. Her hand always gets tired after maybe 5 spoonfuls of food into her mouth. How come her mouth doesn't get tired from all the talking I'm still to figure out. I know I sound like a horrible mother, but I need this to stop asap - duct tape anyone?

There are times I think she tests if I am listening. She will ask me a question knowing very well my answer will be no. But after maybe an hours worth of listening I have of course tuned out and without even knowing what she is asking for I just nod trying to show I'm listening. Right at that moment she will try to snatch whatever device I have in my hand and get my attention by asking why she is allowed to do so and so. Now after hearing what she really wants I have to take back my nod (yes) and say no. Now what follows is a whole set of why's and this time I have to answer all of them so that I stay consistent with the lesson I'm trying to provide which at this point I'm utterly confused about. Make sense? No? Welcome to my life.

Yesterday I took her for a walk after school. At the end of it I wasn't tired of walking as much as I was from listening and trying to answer a million questions.

Today she is sick and at home, which means six additional hours of talk time. Which means wine alone will not do the trick.

For all my friends updating their status on FB with all your fun travel plans for this long weekend - anyone want to take this opportunity to show me what a TRUE friend you are and take E along? :)

Photo from our walk yesterday by E.
However many seconds it took to take the photo was the ONLY time she wasn't speaking.


MACMD said...

So sorry, Mala. I know how you feel. If she was not home sick I would say head over for wine and let the girls play in the yard.

kimber said...

If she wasn't ill, I would take her. Although I don't doubt for a second the level of mommyhood hell you are in behaviorally, I match you, and raise you 5. It's too much to even post; I asked Hudson this morning "where is my son and who are you". But, he didn't hear me, which seems to be the universal issue: I get sick of my own voice - calling his name, giving instructions, threats, cautionary warnings. I'm headed out for vodka and a funnel to last the long weekend. Let me know if I can drop over with an extra fifth...and some valium...and earplugs.

kimber said...

oh...and, I empathize...big time. xoxoxoxo

Joy @CGBC Youth said...

Want a play date? Gabriel talks almost none stop too...but then again I have an unofficial spokesperson (literally) by his side most of the time.

Chaitali said...

Haa Haa Mals I totally empathize :) I guess it is more with girls. Mishu drives me crazy too with her endless talking which is like why the moon is following us in car or why is the moon missing..and the jabbering goes on in action by the drama queen .
I can't remember having gone through even one page of reading her book without her adding her own bits to the story.
Though honestly the actual victim is my poor maid who is her 'yashoda Ma ' - lol. I owe her one big time!

Mala said...

I LOVE you ladies. Feels good to know I'm not!
@Kim - bring on the vodka and funnel:)
@Joy - yes, we will make that playdate happen soon.
@Chaitali - I can KILL you for evening mentioning "maid"
@MC - Gilroy soon?