Monday, March 22, 2010


Between a job, toddler, home, dance school and freelance work I don’t often get time to write these days. And even if I miraculously have time, I tend to do something mindless and motionless like lying on our couch watching TV. Today is one of those days where I’ve woken up thinking I could probably sleep for another six hours and it is also the day I will be working late into the night. So here I am sitting at work thinking – screw everything, let’s blog.

Well, the real reason I am here though is the fact that I had this sudden realization at Evani’s 3 yr old checkup, how fast Evani was growing up and how long I hadn’t blogged about her. She was the reason I had started this blog thinking it would be so much fun to look back and share all of this with her.

Last month Evani turned three and what can I say, it hasn’t been any better. Its fun to have actual conversations with her (well, close to actual), do things with her and see the excitement in her eyes when she discovers something new. A dancer at heart, she will move to any music and make you move too, a chatterbox who puts mom to shame when she doesn’t utter a sound after mom just told her friends how her daughter can’t stop talking and a temper that, oh well, mom has no clue where she got that from. Her little brain thinks paint looks better on her hands and face than paper and mommy’s clothes are meant to be her dance costumes. She has more than one imaginary friend and a severe sweet tooth.

I will have to admit there are days I think my life was better off with no kids. And I have no patience for her tantrums or endless chatter and questions. However, I cannot think of a life without her in it. She keeps me alive and on my toes – no kidding! Aside from being a typical 3 year old she is a great kid in so many more ways and I am blessed. She starts preschool next month. I know I am selfish when my heart gets heavy and I think, my darling, I don’t want you to grow up so fast...

Given the choice will stay outdoors all day

Goofing around with Baba

The painter at work - at least this time the work of art is on the paper

Hudson and Evani - just a few weeks apart - love each others company

Lounging with BFF Shobi Gobi

Making rotis in her "dance costume"

Loves to be the center of attention

Well, so does baba~

Loves her 'dadabhai' and 'chordabhai' (only chordabhai featured in this pic)

Enjoying Seattle with her most favorite group of friends

Her best b'day party ever - thanks to Soma mashi and Kiran mesho and thanks to Kanchi mashi for the princess dress

The diva with her 'tude!


CGBCYouth said...

She's already 3?! She really grows up so fast indeed. Such gorgeous big eyes and long, lean look...she probably will never have to worry about her weight...argh!

amitonmakibhalobashi, Evani!

(ok...okok ok! I don't know how to spell I love you, and it's the thought that counts!)

Linh and Yogi said...

so shall we count on more posts from now on?! that was an awesome update on the princess especially since we don't see her often :o/

Antara said...

Very touching and very true Mala...
I share quite a few of your thougts about Jojo. I often loose my temper ...but in hindsight wished that I had handled the situation differently...Its just a few more years before they turn into independent brats!!!

Mala said...

@Joy: Can you believe it? I can still remember your pregnancy with Noelle - seems like it was just the other day.
Evani says: ami tomake bhalobashi too aunty Joy...mwah!

@ Linh: cannot bet on that. Yes, we haven't seen aunty Linh in a while with her little princess.

@Antara:that is the reason I always ask you to 'control yaar!' lol!

Rajarshi said...

Mala, Hats off to have time to blog!! I was just telling Rumi that day that she had to be patient with Jojo, because these days are not going to come back and before you know it they will be in a world of their own. This is a lovely age that is trying and enjoyable in equal measure! Lovely writing and pictures. Hope to see you guys soon and love to Koko.