Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(Fun x 4) + 1

It was time for the McNulty Quads to visit the Paul's this last weekend and what a treat it was. I was meeting the quads again after their first b’day (I know, I’m LAME!) and it was amazing to see how much they’ve grown into little individuals. Each of them has a distinct personality. Conor and Gen are the world’s best parents and the kids are a delight to be around. As soon as they left, Evani picked up her toy phone and started calling Russ. I DIED laughing! Here are some pictures from that evening.

"anymore dogs in there to put in the oven?" - Libby & Ally

Molly, Libby & Ally with their prized possessions

Russ taking a break from the girlie stuff

Evani thrilled to have company who share same interests

Finally Russ gets in

"I want MORE popcorn!" - Russ

The McNulty Family in action


TravelVixen said...

So cool! A play date x4!

Meagan said...

They are all getting so big! Wow.