Friday, January 25, 2008

A peek into Evani's world

Below are a few clips of Evani that pretty much covers the major part of her daily activities.

Here is Evani trying to feed herself from the bottle right after I changed her diaper. Her expression when she loses grip of the bottle is classic and cracks me up each time I watch it.

It has always been Shomeek's dream that his daughter will be a soccer player (I have no idea why!) and it seems he doesn't want to waste any time in the process. So, when Shomeek spotted the soccer ball at Ikea, he had to pick it up. Soccer training has officially kicked off. Beware my dear friend Conor - you will be needed pretty soon. (Conor is a very good friend/ex-colleague who is also a soccer coach:). Btw, here is a little secret: Shomeek likes playing with the soccer ball more than Evani does.

Evani is drawn to the remote like a magnet. However much I try to put a variety of toys out for her, she will automatically get drawn to the remote on the couch and ignore the fact that we spend money to buy her toys and that she should be putting them to use.


CGBCYouth said...

Only one clip? That's a shame!!

She's grown so much...we need to have a playdate to get them to play toghther...can't believe how time flies..

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Loads of talent, I tell you! Maybe she also needs to practice the art of faking injuries :)

TravelVixen said...

She is SO BIG, Mala! I can't believe she'll be 1 soon! Thanks for sharing... I don't get to see her 'in action' enough.

ArSENik said...

Looks like Shomeek is training her to be the next goalie for Mohun Bagan, or is it East Bengal? I like the way she handles the media. I mean as soon as she notices the camera, she completely ignores the ball. This might give Indian football what it lacks today - some world attention.

As far as the remote video goes, it actually confirms a conspiracy theory of mine. Have you noticed how remote controllers have acquired more diverse colored buttons over the years. Ever wonder why? This is done by the media moguls to ensnare infants by attracting them with all the bright colors and eventually get them hooked to television.