Friday, November 09, 2007

Classical meets Contemporary

The past few weeks has been very invigorating due to several dance experiments and choreography. I had been in a mode of trance, where I lived and breathed dance till we got done with two of our shows last week which enthralled the audience. The satisfaction lay in the fact that we were able to introduced a whole new genre of Indian contemporary dance to Sacramento. more info and pics.


ArSENik said...

Interesting! The first thing that popped up in my head was the name of a Bond film after seeing the snap, but it's one of those that stretches the limits of what is mean and what is not. So, I will not mention it here. Maybe you will figure it out. No offence meant, of course. :)

Kalyan said...

Great picture, Mala. I dont understand the nuances of classical dance, but these days trying to understand Bharatnatyam from someone who had been into it since the age of 4.

Mala said...

@arsenik: none taken! ;)

@Kalyan: that someone must be real special for you to be making the effort:) i'm not a classical dancer myself and don't understand it fully. to me dance came more naturally. any music that generated any kind of passion in me - i wanted to move to it. that's how i got myself into choreography. its a wonderful experience. you don't really need to understand the depths to enjoy. you can merely be drawn to the movement, synchronization, beat and more times than not the pretty faces ;) i enjoy contemporary more than classical purely because it gives me freedom.