Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A very special day!

I feel wonderful to start my blog the day I got the "good news" of being 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I did do the home pregnancy test over the weekend - but wasn't convinced enough and visited the doctor's office yesterday to undergo their pregnancy test. The assistant nurse (I think that's who she was) did the test and told me that the line was very faint and I may or may not be pregnant. That was frustrating as hell! I took the home pregnancy test again last night - and it came out very positive...AGAIN! (that's when I took this picture) When I went in for my appointment today and told her that - she claimed that the line had gotten much stronger just after I'd left and she didn't think of informing me since I had an appointment today anyways and would find out...whatEVER!!!!

I am past all my frustrations now and just plain happy and very very NERVOUS!!!
Lastly - I would like to thank Joy for convincing me to start a blog. :)


Joy said...

O I'm so just extremely happy for you! I know this will be a precious way to record everything for little ms./mr. Paul!

Congrats again! I'll come visit everyday! (Like I'm not updated at work haha....)

Linking you!

Joy said...

What? no updates? Haha...

Bumble Bee said...

CONGRATS! WooHoo! I am so happy for you and Shomeek! I can't wait to see you all pregnant (you'll be so cute)!
I bet your family is jumping for joy!

Linh said...

fine, if i'm the last to know you guys will be too come by turn! nonetheless, very very very happy for you and hubby. you have a very good resource sitting next to you everyday, use and abuse her!...hahaha....love ya and can't wait to hug ya!